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234 Valentine뭩 Bliss! 10 February, 2021


February Events
It's here the month of heart revolve around love, appreciation and friendship, we won뭪 forsake the adventurous and daring Players!!


Event type: Miscellaneous

Are you bored of your current gear? Maybe you wish you used it for another character? New year - new items!

Time of event:
All of February

How to request:
Submit a QnA with a title: WISH FOR A CHANGE
In ticket you need to list:
1)Name of the character you will trade items from
2)Items you wish to change
Zen+11 32 MAP = Garve+11 32MAP
Rake Breast+11 10MAP/30DEF = Distraction Breast+11
Rake Pants+11 10MAP/30DEF = Distraction Pants +11
Rake Gloves+11 18RES/30DEF = Distraction Gloves +11
Rake Boots+11 10MAP/30DEF = Distraction Boots+11

Zen+11 32 MAP = Hammer+11 DMG
Rake Breast+11 10MAP/30DEF = Rake Breast+11 DMG
Rake Pants+11 10MAP/30DEF = Rake Pants +11 DMG
Rake Gloves+11 18RES/30DEF = Rake Gloves +11 DMG
Rake Boots+11 10MAP/30DEF = Rake Boots +11 DMG


You can change MAP to DMG and DMG to MAP of the same armour set
Example: Guardian Scale 30DMG/7CRIT into Guardian Scale 30DEF/10MAP
In case of Max Stats DMG set (54dmg/11crit) you will only receive 50DEF/18MAP as this is the equivalent of upgrades needed to achieve these stats.
You can change set class for a different class with the same stats
Example: Initiate(TK) 30DEF/10MAP into Rake(HT) 30DEF/10MAP
Weapons will always be 1=1.
Example: 1x Hammer+11 63 cannot be changed into 2x Shard +11 63
Items must at least be perfect stats - 30DMG/30DEF/10MAP/7CRIT/18SKILL/18RESI for armour and 63DMG/28MAP for weapons.
20VM for weapon
10VM for armour piece
Example: You want to change 4x set pieces and 1x weapon - you need to trade these 5 items and 60VM in bricks.


Event type: Player vs Monster

The sacred seal is broken at the devil's door and hordes of monsters are attacking our towns. Brave warriors, it is your time to save the town, crush the monsters and grab their powers to build a safer town.

Date: Random times every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Laktorerium Powder
Oriharukon Powder


Event type: Race

GM/CM will announce a Race. All participants must race against each other from the start point to the finish point announced by GM/CM

Time of event:
Random times during the week


No mounts are allowed - players must run on their feet
Use of any relocation, scrolls or any other teleportation method will lead to a disqualification, repeated offenses might lead to account suspension.


20 Laktorerium Powder


Event type: Miscellaneous

GM/CM/GC will hide in a secret stop. First player to find and trade him/her will be the winner!
GM/CM/GC will shout clues as to his whereabouts.

Time of event:
Random times during the week


There will be 3 rounds
Each player can only win 1 round


10 Laktorerium Powder


Event type: Unscramble

GM/CM will announce a Trivia in Discord. It will consist of scramble words and the first person to answer correctly will be a winner.

Time of event:
Random times during the week


Event is about rearranging scramble words which CM gives.
Event consist of 5 round and it has 1 winners.
First 1 player to answer correct on discord chat will be winner.
Player can win ONCE out of 5 rounds.

Rune of choice
Choice of rune and 3x of power and mana jewel


Event type: Drop

Mysterious boxes rain down from the skies. Slay monsters to get them back and find out what treasures are hidden inside.

Time of event:
Active every weekend

7. Broken Heart
Love conquers all. Kiss the broken heart, by giving what we already have.
Event type: Fetch and Bring
Number of rounds: 5
CM will stand at GM Area Origin 2 and shout various items that requested by Cupid to fix his broken arrow.
First player to trade CM the correct items will be the winner
Any player can participate but can only win once in the event.
How to win: 1st to trade
Date: Every Wednesday 22:00 GT
5 Water Arcane Scrolls

8. Gift Wrap
Here is a Valentine's Day Gift you won't have to lie about liking.
Event type: Race and Trade
Number of rounds: 3
2 GM/CM will stand n 2 different places.
Players need a partner to join the event. Each partner will stay with 1 CM/GM.
1st GM/CM will give 1 item (gift) to partner (A), which they need to trade to their partner (B) standing with 2nd GM/CM .
After receiving the gift from partner (A), partner (B) will run back to 1st GM/CM and trade back gift.
1st partner (B) who will succeed to trade GM/CM will be winner with his partner (A).
All Serafians Can Participate.
Players can win only once in the Event
How to win: Be The First
Date: Throughout February 2021, Every Saturday 00GT
Reward(s): 10 Water Arcane Scrolls (For Each Partner)


In-game events will take place on Origins Server 1
Every player is allowed to participate as long as they fit in all the criteria of current event
Every player even if not participating is free to watch the event
All participants will be inspected to check if they fit all the criteria and rules of an event. Attempts at cheating will disqualify the participants from joining the event and repeated offenses may result in suspension.
Rewards can never be changed once chosen and delivered.
Each player can win each event only once.
GMs/CMs decisions are final and will not be disputed. Public questioning of GMs/CMs decisions may result in a suspension.
Any complaints related to events should be sent through a support ticket with a proper explanation and valid points.
Lending/borrowing items for events is prohibited. Items are strictly players' responsibility and we will not interfere in cases of theft etc.
Any disrespect towards GM/CM can result in a suspension without any notice.
Any disrespect or argument with another participant can result in a suspension of all parties involved.
All suspension periods will be decided by GM/CM
PK during non-PVP events is prohibited and can result in a suspension
Goal of all the events is to strengthen the sense of community, not to promote conflicts. For the duration of events please leave your personal and ingame conflicts aside and enjoy!
Attempting to claim rewards multiple times may result in a suspension
Every PVP event must have at least 5 participants to take place
Only 1 account per person can be participating in any PVP event at the same time.
Attempts at using dummy accounts to guarantee victory may result in punishment and suspension.

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