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207 ACADEMY SYSTEM CHANGES 18 November, 2020



Dear Players

The recently introduced Academy System is seeing a huge interest and gaining popularity every day, we are very happy to see you are enjoying it.
As you have noticed we have fallen behind on Academy rewards recently which is partially due to other priorities surfacing and partially due to a sheer amount of rewards needing to be sent out. Rewards will be sent out as soon as possible.
It has been two weeks since the official launch of the Academy System and we are adjusting the rules as we see fit.
Given the nature of Origins and high exp values of it graduating is extremely easy and quick and rewards we chose are very generous therefore we have seen many players trying to 밶buse the system by creating numerous subaccounts, which we have allowed at the time as means to experiment and learn.
We have drawn a conclusion that there is a need of change in the system and we will introduce such.
Our academy system is meant to be a help for new players to reach Celestial God which is not an easy feat for most so it is a sort of a 뱆ick start, it is not meant to be a 밼armable item and cele factory therefore we have an announcement to make.

As of 19/11/2020 each player will only be allowed ONE character in the Academy. We will be monitoring regularly and any player with more than one character in the academy will have his accounts suspended without any notice.

We will be instructing our GCs to share that information with every new player wishing to join the academy to avoid any misunderstandings.
Please take this information seriously as there will be no discussions or reconsideration.

That does not apply to characters currently enrolled in the academy - these can continue their journey until Celestial and claim all rewards. It would be unfair of us to limit these who joined the academy according to rules set at the time.

Our GCs will do their best to help you and instruct you throughout the process as they have until now so please do not hesitate to contact them about it.

This is done to maintain a level of competitiveness and make sure there is still a need for player effort and activity to obtain certain thresholds of progress.

Best regards,
Team Admin

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