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206 EXP BUG COMPENSATION 17 November, 2020



Dear Players

After discussing all the options we have now decided on how to compensate everyone affected by the EXP BUG post the Welcome Back Event. We hoped we could manage to fix the characters but unfortunately that turned out to be an issue beyond our present capabilities, so we are providing an alternative compensation for the affected accounts.

Please understand that this compensation only applies to characters that were created in the accounts in which we had modified Ideal Stone rewards into tradeable instead of nontradeable.
Few other separate cases of a bugged EXP rate will have to be dealt with when we have resources and capabilities for fixing the issue.

We are also unable to provide 밻dited characters to simply substitute for the bugged characters as these would also suffer from the same issue therefore our options of compensation are fairly limited.

The decision was made that the compensation will consist of an amount of 70VM.

Affected accounts will get:
Refund of sephira skills learnt (Screenshots are mandatory in QnA for learnt sephira skills)
Spirit Seal - To return the bugged celestial

Bugged characters will have to be sealed off with Spirit Seal provided by us and returned to us.
Rewards will be supplied only after the player returns the sealed characters to GM Vem in game with the reference ticket number.

Please make sure to make your new characters in a new, separate account or an account which has not participated in the Welcome Back event to avoid any issues as the compensation is one time only.

Information to include in the ticket:

Account ID:
Character name:
Screenshot of learnt Sephira Skills:

Best regards,
Team Vibrant

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