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19 New Academy System 27 October, 2020


Hello Supreme Destiny Players,

We are continuing our New Academy System in order to help new players. We are glad to announce that we are now hiring Game Coaches for our New Academy System.


Only Mortal characters below level 200 can enroll into the Academy.
To join the Academy contact an online Game Coach and they will happily recruit you (recruitment will not be done on Sundays)


Each Game Coach will be appointed as a Sub Leader for their Academy. Game Coaches will be online during their shifts which last 2 hours every day.

Tuesday will be a day off for our Game Coaches.

On weekdays Game Coaches will be dedicated to helping and guiding new players through recruitment, quests and discussing any issues they may have.

Each Game Coach will receive shout scrolls to call out to new players so they know about their Academy and will be able to join a free water share party which will be hosted by said Game Coach.

Waters with experience box on will be hosted every Saturday and Sunday

Mortal Academy members will receive a free God Pack of their choice (non-tradeable) upon reaching level 400.

God Academy members will receive a free Ideal Stone (non-tradeable) upon reaching level 400 if all god quests are completed.

Upon transcending a character into a Celestial academy members will receive
+9 D Grade Perfect Stats set
+9 Ancient D Grade Perfect Stat weapon
1 Clydesdale horse (30 days)
1 Mega Potion (30 days)
10 Arcane Water Scrolls
(Rewards applicable only if you joined an Academy with a Mortal character and progressed it into a God in the same Academy)

Academy members who transcended into a God Character can join the academy with that God character.
Only Gods level 1 to 100 are allowed to join the Academy.

Only Mortal/God Academy members can join free water shares hosted by the Game Coach.

After you are hired As Game Coach you will receive a fire tiger, +15 Unique Max Stats weapon and set, Zealot and Ascended seal and +15 celestial cape with 16/16 stats
The Game Coach shall also receive 50 million Gold to recruit the players to their academy (each recruitment costs 4 million)

Game Coach must be a mortal level 400 character.


-Monthly Salary: 100 Vibrant Money

-Extraordinary Performance Prize: 25.0 additional Bonus Money.
(Each Game Coach has to work for the whole month without any absence to get the perfect attendance prize since 1 single absence will make them ineligible for the prize)

-Best Game Coach Reward: Each month we will be choosing the best Game Coach who would receive a special reward.
(This reward depends on the activity and actions of the Game Coach)

- Graduated Players: upon reaching lvl 400 God character players can send QnA ordering their graduation prize.

- For successfully helping a Mortal -> God -> Celestial the referred game coach will receive +10 Bonus Money


Removal of Game Coach items from character will lead to a penalty on the player.
Creation of Celestial or God Class character in the game coach account is strictly prohibited.
Game Coaches are strictly not allowed to PK any players for any situation and to use the game coach items to PK players.
In-game Coaches can be fired without any warning or valid reason.
In-game Coaches will not receive a complete salary if he/she fails to work for 1 whole month.
In-game Coaches should be role models to all players
In-game Coaches can be rewarded anytime with a valid reason.
In-game Coaches cannot have more than 5 absences in a single month.
If the Coach did not use items sent in his/her shift he/she should report to us on our QnA section and skype.
If the Coach has a reason for absence he/she should send QnA 1 day before his/her shift.
If the Coach uses GC items for personal benefit, he/she will be fired and his/her account will be blocked permanently along with sub accounts

Best regards
Vibrant Admin

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