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177 Super Patch List 05/09/2019 5 September, 2019


Hello WYDians!

In order to constantly improve the game, we analyze the current economy and evolution difficulty to define an update at various points in the game!

The first part of the updates has been completed and is now available in the game.

The changes so far are:

Global drop rate increased by 3x
God Lv1~100 EXP rate increased by 150%
God Lv101~250 EXP rate increased by 250%
God Lv251~400 EXP rate increased by 300%
Celestial God Lv1~150 EXP rate increased by 100%
Celestial God Lv151~180 EXP rate increased by 50%
Celestial God Lv181~200 EXP rate increased by 20%
Changed Lan N mob's respawn
Increased to 2 monsters per location on BDN
Increased gold drop rate by 40x on BDN
Lak Scrap drop rate increased by 25x
Global gold drop rate increased by 10x
Increased the Lak scrap and Ori scrap value at NPCs
Increased the amount of Laks from BDA Boss

Soon we will inform you of the next changes, including class balancing.

Best regards,
Vibrant Games

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