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176 Patch List 14/08/2019 14 August, 2019


Hello players

This week's changelist focuses on new players, including:

- Mortal Quest experience and GOLD increase
- God exp increased by 100%
- Celestial God exp increased by 50% for levels 1~40.
- Fixed GoldCarbuncle respawn on clue of runes +6
- Mortal lv 371 reward changed, player will receive a Duel N instead Elixir Notice.
- Time to receive SRP in Auto-Trade decreased to 30 minutes
- Increased SRP DROP by 5x on monsters

Kephra drop change, the new drop will be:

1x Slayer Hammer 72dmg +9 Anct
1x Victory Spear 32% map +9 Anct
3x 100m brick
1x 120 Lak Pack
1x 120 Ori Pack
2x Eternal Stone
1x Bless Refine +3
100x Water Scroll (A)

Mithril Ore drop rate increased, 25% to 50%
Sephirot drop will be random, drop rate 50%.

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