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18 Patch List 05/06/2019 5 June, 2019



* Mounts do not die anymore in PvP areas when it's owner die.
* Quest Launch - Water Scrol (Arcane)
* Updated Odin rates to default values.
* Any character can be deleted now on Character Selection.
* New NPC Alphrad which teleports the player to it's Mortal Quest
* Mortal Quest items now give experience for all group.(work under progress)
* Mortal Quest EXP & Gold was updated.
* Now you can group some items like mortal quest items, roasted chicken and experience box (Take care cause you cant ungroup)
* Soon max god2 ( Celestial ) level will be increased.
* Fixed the error that red cape characters have on damage bonus.
* Updated some drops in-game.
* Now you can hunt everywhere, even you receive no experience, all mobs now have drops for everyone.
* Updated experience points based on evolution and level.
* Many other minor improvements.
* Drop rate increase in 25%.
* Several items in Premium nell values ​​are changed
* Fixed bug that caused the birth of multiple monsters with invalid HP

Change in Kephra:
-Hp Reduction in 70%

Bounty During Kephra Sealing:
1x Sephirot (Transknight)
1x Sephirot (Hunter)
1x Sephirot (Foema)
1x Sephirot (Beastmaster)
1x Eternal Stone
120x Laktorerium Powder
120x Oriharukun Powder
1x Silver Wyden (100 million gold)
1x Kerykeion(Ancient)+9 32% MGK
1x Heaven's Bow (Ancient) 72 DMG
50x Water Scroll(Arcane)
1x Bless Refining

25% chance to come:

10x Mythril ore (Damage)
10x Mythril ore (Magic)
10x Mythril ore (Defense)
10x Mythril ore (Critical)

Coming week we will update few other systems in-game like:

* Duel letter (Normal/Mystic/Arcane).
* More improvements in mobs (drop and stats).
* More updates in mortal quests.

Best Regards,
SD Origins Team

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