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156 February Events 1 February, 2019


February Event Notice
밳ou know you뭨e in love when you can뭪 fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. Dr. Seuss, Author


Joker and Harley v2
Description: Players need to find their partner in crime to conquer the whole arena.

Event type:Tag Team (Team vs Team) Battle Royal
Event is only for Mortals.
Event is Team Vs Team vs Team PK
Team need to one female body & 1 male body character example;
Team : Team A
Member: Hunter & Transknight

Rules & Regulations:
Use of Newbie Set is allowed.
Use of items above +9 is not allowed.
Use of ancient weapon is not allowed.
Use of mount is not allowed.
Use of jewels and potion is allowed.
Use of Mystic Circlet is not allowed
Use of Guild Leader Dragon & Crown is not allowed
Use of costume is not allowed.
Use of fairy, imp is not allowed.
Last skill of foema resurrection is not allowed.
Participants can only participate with main accounts only.
Use of sub-account or sub-characters to participate multiple times not allowed.
Anyone can win only once in this event throughout month.
All accounts participating will be checked before and after the fight so please follow the rules to avoid disqualification or being subjected to block sanction.

When: Throughout February 2019, Every Tuesday 20:00 hrs by GM Storm
Rewards: Newbie Pack of Choice or Enternal or Sephiort

Genius CM Master
Description: Master Genius will be visiting the world of With your destiny carrying various presents to Players. Master will be raising random questions to test citizen knowledge and share his loot.

Event type: Question & Answer
Event consist of 7 rounds; 5 Normal Chat and 2 Shout Rounds each round will have 1 winner
The first player to answer the questions correctly will be considered as winners.
The Questions will be shouted in-game.
Participants should be citizen of Origins-1 to Join the event
Shouts rounds can be any citizen

Rules & Regulations:
Player is not allowed to use relocation skill.
Player can only win once per week in this event.
Player is not allowed to use sub account to win multiple times.

When: Throughout February 2019, Every Wednesday

Rewards: 30 Million (Shout) 15 Million Gold (Civil) - Rewards are traded in game by CM

Lover Rumbler

Event type: Weekly PK Event
Description: Players will join weekly PK event on Hot Server to Participated

Celestial may participate

Event is only for Celestial Class
Celestial character must show up Hot Server to participate
Event will be hosted every Friday in the month of February at 20:00 game time
Use of all items and mounts are allowed
Use of guild leader crown and dragon is not allowed
Use of jewels is allowed
Anyone can win only once in this event throughout month.

Rules and Regulations:
Use of multiple accounts to participate is not allowed
Any account used in event by pilots will be disqualified
Player who violates rules will get block sanctions on accounts
How to Win: Eliminate your enemy to win the reward
When: Throughout the month of February 2019, every Friday at 20:00 game time hosted by GM Storm

Rewards:(Should QnA to claim the Reward)
Weapon of choice E grade Mortal Weapon 28/63 base +0 or God Acient Weapon Stateless or 200 million Gold

Lover Drop Event
Lover Drop Events will be Randomly done at Random Times
Where Eggs will fall from the sky and you have chance to get random drops will be able to be gained from killing any monster throughout server

Unicon's Spirit
Phoenix's Spirit
February Exclusive buff items :
Lover's Seat
Love Chocolate

Monthly Event

Kindly Refer to NPC Event Notice when posted

Forum Event

Be Valentine with your love story
No life without a love story on Origins.

Event type: Forum
Players need to write a short Love comic in the Forum Section
Players need to use in game Character뭩 to write a comic
And Note the Name of the character on Forum that will claim reward
The comic should have minimum 10 scenes
Top 3 Comic decided by the CM Jury will be the winners
CM Jury뭩 and GC decision will be final
Forum link:
Please narrate your story on the forum link herePost Here
How to win: Write the most lovely comic.
Date: 1st February 00:00 GT - 14th February 23:59 GT
1st Top Comic: Spirit Stone 1x F Grade AD and PD (15) or +11 Earring of choice
2nd Top Comic: Earring +10 of choice
3rd Top Comic: Spirit Stone 1x E grade AD

Daily Event

Trace the CM
Event type: Players need to chase CM, Event consist of 1 rounds.
Event is about following CM while he run throughout fields.
Event consist of 1 round and it has 3 winners.
First 3 players to stay close to CM will be winner.
Participants must keep their boots & mount unequipped while joining event.
Event is only for all players no restriction on class.
Use of 밒llusion skill of Hunter, 밠orph - Nature skills of Beastmaster, "Haste" skill of Foema is not allowed.
First 3 player to stay close to CM while stopping on certain point will be considered as

When: Throughout February 2019, Done by CM뭩 on Mondays

Rewards: It will be the following;
1st Place : 20 million gold
2nd Place: 15 million gold
3rd Place: 10 million gold

Hide & Seek
Event type: Players need to seek CM, Event consist of 5 rounds.
Event is about seeking CM.
Event consist of 5 rounds; each round has 1 winner.
CM will give hint of the location to find.
First to find and PARTY CM will be considered as winner.
Player can win once out of 5 rounds.

When: Throughout February 2019, Done by CM뭩 on Friday

Rewards: 15 Million Gold

CM Exp Party For MORTALS
Event type: Water Type
CM will Shout on Hot Server when Water Party is being Hosted
Players must come to CM to get in Party the Mortal must be level 1 to 370
Amount of Waters will be 10 if 2 Groups need made because not able to Join 1st Party then only 5 Extra will be Added

When: Throughout February 2019, Done by CM뭩 on Saturday

Rewards: Exp from Mobs

Level Up Rewards

Level 25 will get Shire Horse (15 days)
Level 35,40,45,50,55 will get Perfect A Grade Armor
Level 85,90,95,100,105 will get Perfect C Grade Armor
Level 109 will get Normal D Grade Weapon 36dmg/16map
Level 120,125,130,135,140 will get Normal D Grade Set Semi-Perfect Stats
Level 160 will get Steed Level 10
Level 160,170,180,190,200 will get D grade set stateless
Level 370 will get Elixir Notice

Note: Rewards are sent to players character based on character stats of particular character.
1. If you want DMG items you must add STR higher than INT
2. If you want MAP items you must add INT higher than STR

Note: No support will be provided if tickets are posted for level up reward.

Treasure Box Event!
Hunt monsters in With Your Destiny World, grab the Treasure Boxes and exchange them to gain the Premium items at the Gold Dragon in Armia.

When: Weekends (Saturday, Sunday), on festival days or compensation days
Treasure Box

Special Days Event
We will be posting separate notice for special days event so stay tuned for more event announcement ingame threw Shout

Note: Event details will be updated without any prior notice
Thank you for your support and cooperation. Have a great time with With Your Destiny!

Best regards,
With Your Destiny Team

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