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116 WYD/SD 10th ANNIVERSARY 16 July, 2018


Phase 1

Anniversary Giveaway
Clydesdale Horse (30 days)
Mega Potion (30 days)
Wonder of Courage (30 days)
Samurai set usage till 31st August 2018
Handbok set usage till 31st August 2018

The rewards can be claimed as following:
1. Login the game using registered Vibrant account.
2. Open Nell NPC
3. Type your account password.
4. Click on Claim Reward tab.
5. Input the key - 4GHQ4RHMEDEGC5ZH

In this festive season, let's not forget the blessings from the God of Harvest. Goddess Ceres has blessed the server with Double Drop Rate every Saturday. May the blessings of Goddess Ceres sees you through a better harvest.

When: Throughout July 2018, Every Saturday
Start: 00:01 hrs
End: 23:59 hrs

Anniversary Bonus
Description: To show our appreciation to your continuous support, GM Team decided to reward you with cash vouchers. Get more with every recharge to get stronger in game!

VM top upWYD coins bonus
1001 and higher70%

Steam PackageWYD Coin Bonus

1) All recharge from 16th July 15:00 hrs to 18th July 23:59 hrs 2018 can claim for the Anniversary Bonus
2) Players can claim Anniversary Bonus and Katrinas Blessing reward
3) Anniversary bonus will be credited to your account within 24 hours automatically.

Phase 2

Best Players Nomination
Description: In this meaningful month, we would also like to show our appreciations to players for their unending support. We would like to reward players for their great effort into building a better community and we need the help of every community member in Origins to identify them.

Please click here to go to the nominating form and nominate the Best Player for each category that you had met in game.

Kindly note that the nominee name must be identical to the in game name.

Voting period: July 17th - 23rd, 2018

Mortal Category
Beast Master

God Category:
Beast Master

Note: Exact In-Game-Name must be provided.
CM Rylai (correct)
Cm rylai (wrong)

Rewards: 50 WYD Coin

Phase 3

Origins VR Arcade!!!
Description: Every arcade has their high-score ranking. Create the best time in killing the boss to win rewards for the guild. Unlimited trials till end of event period. May the best leader strategy wins!

Event type: Killing of boss monster
Event is about Guild Killing Boss Monster
Boss Monster does not drop anything but you must try to kill the boss in less amount of time than other.
Event is about proving guild strategies to kill boss monsters.
Each guild must have at least 10 minimum participant to join this event.
Guild Master should submit ticket via support section before 12 hours with Game Server Date/Time to spawn Boss Monster
Guilds will get unlimited chance to try killing monster to set lower timing records compared to other guilds
Records will be updated on our Facebook Page & this notice
Last trails to kill Boss Monster will be held till 27th July 2018; Winners will be announced on 28th July on our Facebook Page & Notice section
ONLY 1 guild can do this event at a time, if your schedule is same as other Guild you will be informed to change it

Rules & Regulations:
Player Killing, Disturbing other guilds during this event is not allowed.
Guild master can only register for this event.
Anyone trying to disturb other during event will get penalty

RankingGuild NameRecord
1stHooligans21min 35secs

When: July 20th - 27th, 2018
1st Prize: 50 million gold, 5x Experience Box, 1x God Weapon (Ancient) 32% map & God Weapon (Ancient) 72 damage +9 of choice.
2nd Prize: 30 million gold, 3x Experience Box, 1x God Weapon (Ancient) +9 72 dmg/32 map of choice
3rd Prize: 20 million gold, 2x Experience Box
Consolation: 5 million gold, 2x Experience Box

Phase 4

The Auction House
Description: Looking for a good deal? Welcome to the auction house! Various item will be put on auction and the following time: July 28th - 31st July, 2018

Where: WYD Origins 1
How to bid: Civil Chat of Citizen 1 or Shout
How many time can I bid: Unlimited
How many bid can I win per event: 1 per player (sub account not allowed)
What is used in bidding: Vibrant Money (VM), WYD Coin (bcoin) or Gold
Conversion rate: 1vm = 1 wyd coin = 10m gold

Q) Can I mix and match payment?
A) Yes. Send a QnA to request for the payment method within 60 minutes from winning bid

Q) What are the items for auction?
A) Every Auction Officers (CM/GM) will announce in game at the start of every item auction

5 Ala carte premium item by CM
3 premium package by GM on 31st July 2018
Submit ticket via support section so GM can process.
Players can use Gold or Vibrant Money to bid in auction.

Rules & Regulations:
Insufficient funds must be funded in 72 hours. Any funds not completed will be deemed as fake bid.
Every player can win 1 bids from every CM or GM. Any attempt to mislead will be deemed fake bid.
Any attempt of fake bid will cause the bidder to be banned 7 days.

When: July 28th - 31st July, 2018

Thank you for your support and cooperation. Have a great time with With Your Destiny!

Best regards,
With Your Destiny Team

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