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16 Patch List 26/06/2018 26 June, 2018


Dear WYDians,

Check out the content of the update that is occurring today.
a) Clue of Rune quest
- LichCruntKing drop Unisus Essence
- Valkyrie drop Parade Horse Essence
- MageKalintz drop Dragon Essence
- DarkShadow drop Unicorn Essence
- Barlog drop FireTiger Essence
- CarbunkleKing drop HippoGriffin Essence
- All minions drop Oriharukon & Laktorerium Powder
b) Battle Dungeon (Arcane) is restored
- Oriharukon Scrap
- Laktorerium Scrap
- Adamantite Ore
- Water Scroll(Normal)LV1
- Oriharukon Powder
- Glittering Stone
- Water Scroll(Mystic)LV1
- Great Potion(P)
- Laktorerium Powder
- Tektite Ore
- Water Scroll(Normal)LV1
- Mystery Stone
- Full Divine Circle Piece
- Laktorerium Powder
- Water Scroll(Mystic)LV1
- Wise Man's Stone
Note: Water Scroll (Normal/Mystic) will only be used by Mortal & God character.
c) Battle Dungeon (Mystic) monster new drop
- Spirit Stone PD
- Phoenix Spirit
- Adamantite Ore
- Pegasus Essence

Thank you for your support and cooperation. Have a great time with With Your Destiny!

Best regards,
With Your Destiny Team

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