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98 Barter System 1 June, 2018


Dear WYDians,

We have decided to accept items you hunted to trade for some daily necessities! Trading Scale is as listed below. No bargaining allowed! Talk to my fellow NPC to trade-in the items you had hunted. Take note, the reward is random as listed on the Trading Scale

Event Duration: Throughout month of June 2018

In this event you must collect the required items to exchange with Event NPC are near NPC Jully of Azran Boat "Coordinates: 2479 1651".

Greed Medals are drop from all monster inside Battle Dungeon (Normal) only Mortal can enter this territory on there registered channel by using Territory Ticket (Normal) from NPC Aki

[2x] Greed Medal

Receive one of the following:
[10x] Black Steed Essence
[1x] Laktorerium powder
[2x] 1m gold brick
[1x] Gold Medal

[3x] Greed Medal
[1x] Snowball
[1x] Gold Medal

Receive one of the following:
[10x] Fauness Essence
[3x] Laktorerium powder
[1x] 5m gold brick
[1x] Red Medal

[4x] Greed Medal
[1x] Twig
[1x] Red Medal

Receive one of the following:
[10x] Unicorn Essence
[5x] Laktorerium powder
[10x] White Parade Horse Essence "NEW"
[1x] Purple Medal

[5x] Greed Medal
[1x] Carrot
[1x] Purple Medal

Receive one of the following:
[10x] Unisus Essence
[10x] Laktorerium powder
[2x] 10m gold brick
[1x] Blue Medal

Bonus NPC

[1x] Gold Medal
[1x] Red Medal
[1x] Purple Medal
[1x] Blue Medal

Receive one of the following:
[1x] Glove Extraction Crystal (30 dmg 30 Defence)
[1x] Glove Extraction Crystal (10 MAP 30 Defence)
[3x] Experience Box
[1x] Spirit Stone E Grade PD

[1x] Red Medal
[1x] Purple Medal
[1x] Blue Medal
[2x] Treasure Box

Receive one of the following:
[1x] Boot Extraction Crystal (30 dmg 18 Skill Mastery)
[1x] Boot Extraction Crystal (30 dmg 10 MAP)
[10x] Green Dragon Essence
[1x] Spirit Stone E Grade AD

[1x] Red Medal
[1x] Purple Medal
[1x] Blue Medal
[1x] Victory Box

Receive one of the following:
[1x] Breast Extraction Crystal (30 dmg 7 Critical)
[1x] Breast Extraction Crystal (30 defense 10 MAP)
[1x] Samurai Set(30 days)
[1x] Dragon Egg

[1x] Red Medal
[1x] Purple Medal
[1x] Blue Medal
[3x] Victory Box

Receive one of the following:
[1x] Pants Extraction Crystal (30 dmg 7 Critical)
[1x] Pants Extraction Crystal (30 defense 10 MAP)
[1x] ST Set(30 days) - Item is untradable
[1x] Unisus Egg "NEW"

Update 02/06/2018
First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your relentless support. We would like to take this chance for all the feedbacks we had received to help us serve you better.

After deep consideration regarding feedbacks from players, we had decided to do the following changes:
1. FireTiger (30 days) is changed to Unisus Egg.
2. Silver Brick (10 million) is changed to White Parade Horse Essence on Event NPC 3.
3. Changes in item probability gained from NPC.

Barter System Bonus

Get more value for your Vibrant Money purchases this month. Purchase the following denominations of Vibrant Money and get Barter System Medals to exchange with Event NPC & Super NPC!

Top upReward
10vm5x Event Key 1
15vm4x Event Key 2
25vm3x Event Key 3
50vm2x Event Key 4
100vm5x Event Key 1 & 3x Event Key 3
150vm5x Event Key 2 & 3x Event Key 4
200vm5x Event Key 3 & 3x Event Key 4
250vm10x Event Key of choice
300vm15x Event Key of choice

1) If this event has any bug please inform any available CM in-game or submit ticket (Q&A) using 밅ustomer Support section so we can fix it.
2) These rewards can be achieved after accumulating the required Vibrant money through the month June only.
3) When you do Vibrant Money Top Up you get same amount of credit balance which will be used to claim reward.
For Example: If player does 30 Vibrant Money purchase then he can claim 10 Vibrant Money Top Up rewards three times.
4) In order to claim Top Up reward you must submit ticket via support section and mention top up category for which you wish to claim reward so we can process it.
- Learn on "How to submit customer support ticket" from HERE
5) Extraction Crystals can be used to transfer stats to your Mortal D Grade Armor +9 or below by right clicking on crystal.
6) Reward can be claimed only once using credit balance on one of Vibrant Games server because when reward is claimed your credit balance is deducted.
7) Rewards may change without prior notice, in case if find anything which is not governed.

Best regards,
With Your Destiny Team

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