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God's Beast Composition Program SD Expedition - Two Towers
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SD Expedition - Two Towers  
After years of struggle, Armia and Azran finally found peace and harmony thanks to the sacrifices of thousands of brave warriors. With every berath, remember those who have fought and died for your freedoms. All the blood, sweat, and tears spilt were sacrifices to you. Now, humanity has gathered enough power to finally defeat the wicked monsters and forever expel the enemy from the land of our children. Vanquishing the enemy would guarantee the grandeur and prosperity for future human generations. This is the fight of our time and it is how we will be remembered.

Blessed land of the deceased

THe land of the deceased is a nasty pile of decaying bodies where the souls of those who have not attained rest cry perpetually for peace.

A legend is circulating of a damned place named the Castle of Janus. Legend tells of a worthy warrior who can pronounce judgement on those lost souls and release them from their bonds.

Do you consider yourself worthy and wish to risk death for glory and rich rewards? If you consider yourself worthy, join us in an expedition to vanquish the evils of our land. According to the legend, the Two Towers are located to the east of Freedom Declaration Zone (PK Zone).
To complete this quest, you will need to detroy the tower and vanquish the Zakum Lord who inhabits the central hall. The Two Towers are identical, enigmatic structures on each side of the center. Youl will have the option to enter from one of two doors.
The central hall is divided in half by a wall the the Zakum Lord will appear on one of the two sides randomly. Choos which door you enter carefully. If you complete this quest and defeat the Zakum Lord, the damned soulds will be released, the Magical Power of Azran will emanate, and you will be teleported to Azran.
  For completing the quest, you will be granted an Imp. You can equip the Imp opposite to the Guild Medal slot. When equipped, a creature will be summoned to aid you in battle. The initial life span of the Imp is 3 and everytime your character dies, the Im['s life span will decrease by 1. After three deaths, the Imp's live span will reach zero and will disappear permanently.

Name Ability
Imp ------ Increases damage by 6
------ Increases magical attack by 1%
------ Aids player by using fire magic
------ Increase in attack power depends on the player's level

* Caution
   Oriharukon Powder and Laktorerium Powder will only extend the life span of the    Imp and not its capabilities.
The "Two castles" is located to the East of Freedom declaration zone (PK zone).
The key to the castle can be found by killing the Orc Guardians surrounding the castle.
After entering the castle, the second key can be obtained from the monsters inside the garden and can be used to open either of the two doors.
After deciding between the two doors, the battle begins. Fight your way to the center and pass through three doors.
As you get closer to the Zakum Lord, the monsters get stronger and the probability of obtaining the key is diminished.
Zakum Warlocks are hightly resistant to magical attacks, but weak against physical attacks and Zakum Guard Generals are highly resistant to physical attacks, but weak against magical attacks.
The hall is divided in two and the Zakum Lord will only appear on one side. Choose your door wisely.
After defeating the boss and recieving the Imp, all party members will be teleported back to town.
In the event that the wrong door is chosen and the Zakum Lord does not appear, you may only teleport back to town using a Teleport Scroll and not by using magic. Once teleported back to town, you may not teleport back to the Two Towers.Using skills to summon other players is also prohibited in the Two Towers.

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