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No | Name | Description
Knights Leader Organize mercenaries and send them to mystic land.
Blacksmith Arnold Sells various weapons.
Shaman Reset skill and restore skill mastery points by 50/100. To activate, the Full Divine Circle must be equipped at the slot provided for the Guild Emblem.
See: Event Quest "Divine Circle" for more details.
Jeffi NPC in charge of the formulation of Pure Divine Circle Piece/ Divine Circle Piece into Fulll Pure Divine Circle and formulation of Oriharukon or Laktorerium Scraps into Oriharukon or Laktorerium Powder.
Teleport Zone Teleport to coliseum of guild war. (not allowed to join)
Trader Lucy Sells recovery items, scrolls, potion, replication stone (Grade C and D), etc.
Kara Accepts challenger against the Champion Guild for Azran town Guild War.
Guild Zone Guild Zone for the Champion in Guild War in Azran Town. Only members of the Champion Guild can enter this zone.
Lainy Sells armors for Huntress class.
Smith Sells armors for Trans Knight class.
Ruty Sells recovery items, scrolls and food, potion, replication stone (Grade C and D), etc.
Tera NPC for item storage.
Rapein Sells armors for Foema class.
Arnod Sells armors for Beast Master class.
Teleport Zone Portal that leads to the Kingdom of Armia.
Teleport Zone Portal that leads to free zone. (PK zone)
Teleport Zone Portal that leads to the field in the vicinity of the Kingdom.
Compounder NPC in charge of making Ancient weapons using +9 weapons and combination items.
Silver Dragon NPC in charge of the formulation of "Grewpain".
Ailine NPC in charge of making +10 items. Two +9 items with the same name and 50,000,000 gold are needed.
Akata NPC in charge of creating God Class Armors. +9 above armors and glittering stones are needed for giving options to the God Class armors.
Teleport Zone Teleport to coliseum of guild war (not allowed to join)
July Captain of the ship which will transport you to Snow Field in Nifleheim Continent. Only character level 256 and above are allowed to go to Snow Field. (1,000 gold for transportation fee)
Nell Sells premium items
Unlike Armia, Azran was built during war time. During those dark days, it was not as fully developed as Armia. Ruins and landmarks can be seen around Azran which clearly shows that a lot of devastation occurred in this place. Not many plants grew around Azran. There were only old trees and short plants, steep paths and powerful monsters roaming around.

  At the north of Azran, there is a Coliseum where battles between players or guilds can be done. There is also a harbor at the eastern part of the town that leads to the Advanced Base Carden found in Nifleheim continent.

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