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No | Name | Description
Teleport Zone Portal to the field between kingdom and Azran.
Ehre 2 pieces of Sapphires and +9 above items are needed to restore 10 pieces of Oriharukon Powder.
Mount Master Resurrects dead mounts. However, mounts with Life Expectancy of 0 cannot be resurrected.
Teleport Zone Teleport to Noatun Cattle
Mount Captor Sells feeds for all types of mount.
Farche Sells recovery items, scrolls and food, potion, replication stone (Grade B), etc.
Reiners Sells various weapons
Neptus Sells armors for Foema class
Reimers Sells armors for Beast Master class
Ropelion Sells armors for Trans Knight class
Luvian Sells armors for Huntress class
Cargo Guard NPC in charge of item storage
Nell Sells premium items.
Guild Zone Guild Zone for the Champion Guild in Erion. Only members of the Champion Guild can enter this zone. Only characters below level 150 are allowed to participate in the Guild War.
Empis Accepts the challenger against the Champion Guild for the Erion town Guild War.
 'Erion' was just a camp for adventurers who got tired from their voyage. At that time, because mount species were not dominant and hunting skills were very simple, they only hunted species like bear, wolf, and wild boar. To meet their needs for clothes, food, and house, Erion relied heavily from the other town not far from its location.

Mounts were used to aid kingdom's police and they were eventually transformed into special troops. They were also of tremendous help during the war as they were the primary means of transportation. Since then, the demand for mounts increased and adventurers who visited Erion desired to possess mounts for themselves. Eventually, people from over the continent flocked to Erion and soon, the town got bigger and bigger and became more prosperous. Because the trade of mounts in the town was flourishing, hunting monsters and other related stuffs about mounts became Erion's specialty as they supplied the mount feeds, essences and even eggs.

  As the town prospered, the citizens of Erion also became more adept in dealing with wild and ferocious monsters. Their skills were harnessed to a point that they began to hunt the most dangerous creatures that were ever known to mankind: the "Fenrir" and "Dragon." These mounts were so hard to come by and were even branded as the symbols of "death."

 Erion does not possess a formidable defensive structure like other big towns but they more than compensate for this flaw with their "mount" system.


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