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No | Name | Description
Guild Zone Only the guild members that have registered for the Guild at Armia can enter this area.
PK Zone PK Zone where players can PK each other with no corresponding penalty.
Martin Sells recovery items, scrolls, etc.
Balmus Accepts the next challenger against the Champion Guild for the Armia town Guild War.
Mileage Trader Sell items which can be bought by using mileage points.
Fore Learner Ability Master for Huntress.
Knight Leader Ability Master for Trans Knight.
Smith Sells basic amours for Foema and Trans Knight classes.
Arnod Sells basic amours for Huntress and Beast Master classes.
Archi Master Ability Master for Beast Master.
ells premium items.
Elder Foema Ability Master for Foema.
Cargo Guard NPC in charge of item storage
Galford Sells various weapons.
Gold Dragon Randomly changes the option of the weapon or open the treasure box with 7 kinds of crystal.
Aki Sells recovery items, scrolls and etc.
Cargo Guard NPC in charge of item storage.
Ability Master NPC in charge of restoring status points. 30 Sapphires are needed to restore 100 status points.
Teleport Zone Portal that leads to the Noatun Castle.
Teleport Zone Portal that leads to the area of Dungeon gate.
Trainer Chief NPC in charge of beginner's training. Gives reward in exchange for Orc Emblem which can be obtained after defeating the last boss named Orc. Warrior in the Training Camp.
Kibita NPC in charge of registering citizenship for a specific channel. Citizens need to bring one Oriharukon Powder to increase their ability.
Nell Sells premium items.
Griffin Master
Teleport players to dungeon and quest areas.
In a world devastated by the battle between men and monsters, there's a town where people still gather - Armia. It is surrounded by castle walls and protected by kingdom knights from the monsters outside. All players start their journey in Armia.

Inside the town, there are armor traders, blacksmiths, and warehouse keepers where you can store your items and share it with other characters in one same account. Also, there are skill masters where you can learn skills appropriate for your character type. The training camp for beginners is located at the east gate.

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