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Getting started  
  Configuration / Create Character  
Client Patch
After running With Your Destiny Origins launcher, game patch will progress automatically.
    1. Resolution     set up resolution (If you set up the low resolution, execution speed will be
    2. Texture    set up graphic memory saving
    - Compressed Texture: Texture Compression (improves execution speed)
    - Uncompressed Texture: texture non compression
    3. Demo     Sets up the animation in server selection window
    On: Executes demo
    Off: No execution of demo
    4. Cursor     Sets up the mouse cursor
    Image: Mouse Cursor appears when you make a screenshot.
    System: Mouse Cursor is hidden when you make a screenshot
    5. Effect     Sets up visual effect.
    Min: Some visual effects may not be seen (reduces lags)
    Max: Full Visual effects.
    6. Bright     set up screen brightness  
    7. Sound     set up play score in game
    8. Item Sound     set up the music when you drop powdery item
    9. Mode     set up window
    - Full: full screen mode
    - Windowed: window mode
    10. Key Type     set up chatting window
    - Action: press "enter"key to open window
    - Chatting: must open chatting window(using shortcut key is not allowed)
    11. Rotate     Set up camera rotation
    12. Camera     Set-up for panning camera view
    - Wheel: you can change the point of view using the mouse
    - Right: you can change the point of view using the right click and the alt

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