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What's a Legendary item?
Some armors were made by ancient artisan that can be found in the Kerserf continent. These rare, ancient items manifest their great powers and heritage. These items are called Legendary items because it was made a long time ago. But these items also have powerful defensive power. Many people tried to revive these armors. Although, they had succeeded in making the armors look the same, they failed in making the defensive power equal to Legendary items. Soon, people were ravaging the lands to find rare mineral ores so that they can turn ordinary items into Legendary items.
Location of the Legendary Items
Legendary items can be obtained from monsters in the Underworld and Dark Dungeon. You can also use different Legendary Ores to transform ordinary items into legendary items. Refining items into Legendary items is the same as refining items using Oriharukon or Laktorerium Powder. However, the success rate does not affect the class and kind of armors.
Ores to create Legendary Items
==> Legendary Items   
Spinell Ore   You can use it make Shadow Robe, Eagle Spirit Pelt,
  Brigandine Armor to legendary item.
Beryl Ore   You can use it make Golden Plate Armor and Shadow Robe,
  Eagle Spirit Pelt, Brigandine Armor to legendary item.
Tektite Ore   You can use it make Dwarfen Plate Armor, Casting Robe,
  Iron Armor, Nature Armor to legendary item.
Adamantite Ore   You can use it make Gold Embersed Armor,Mithril Robe,
  Meta Elemental Armor, Gold Curve Web Armor to legendary item.
Comparison of Legendary Items when upgrading
Refining armors into Legendary armors will also increase the defensive capability of the armors just like when refining normal armors. The normal refined items turn into gold while refining the armor into legendary will make the color of the armor a clashing hue of dark and light.

Legendary Ore is dragged into the armors like when refining normal armors.
Success rate is 50%.
When the refinement is successful, the ore will disappear and the defensive power will increase.
When it fails, the ore will disappear but the armors will be destroyed.
After combining it to become legendary items, increase in mana of helmet, recovery rate of gauntlet and recovery rate of HP of pants will be lower than normal armors.

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